"Glenolden Church exists to create an intimate community
of mature disciples who passionately worship God."

1.  Making mature disciples is at the heart of our purpose.  Discipleship begins by bringing people to faith in Christ and is continued by teaching the entire message of the Bible.  (Matt. 28:19-20)


2.   Creating an intimate community of believers is the natural result of discipleship.  As we learn and apply the principles of the Bible,  fellowship within the community of believers becomes increasingly intimate.  Believers develop unity as they consistently meet together, and share their gifts and abilities with one another.  (John 17:22-23 & Heb. 10:24-25)


3.  Passionate worship is the crowning experience of the mature Church.  Biblical worship is expressed corporately and individually with voices and actions.  (John 4:23)


 In Acts 2:41-47 discipleshipfellowship and worship were central to the experience of the New Testament Church.  These three elements form the core of Church life.



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