"Hunger continues to plague an estimated 793 million people around the world, including 31 million in the U.S.  Hunger kills. Every day, 24,000 people die from hunger and other preventable causes.  Nearly 160 million children are malnourished worldwide."

Oxfam America - Hunger Fact Sheet

    All donations are held in trust to gather interest.  The proceeds of the fund are used to aid the hungry and homeless.  The target of the first dispersment in 2009 will be the Appalachia area of West Virginia.

     In June 2008 Randy Kemmerer will walk 100 miles  to raise funds for the initial startup of the fund.     This first annual "Walk of Life" may be sponsored by the day, mile or step.  Donations of any amount are welcome ... see examples below:

               10 days x $1.00 = $10.00

               100 miles x $.50 = $50.00

               200,000 steps x $.01 = $2,000.00

Please send your donation to:

The Bread of Life

33 Surrey Drive

Newtown Square, PA  19073