New Life in Christ
Thursday Evening at 7:00 PM

     Join us for a time of worship in song, expository teaching from the Scripture and personal sharing.  Having worked through the twelve steps personally, Pastor Randy has come to the understanding that these twelve steps to maturity are embedded everywhere in Scripture.  During these meetings the focus is on developing a relationship with God that allows us to experience a new way of living - by the grace of Christ!  Consider the following quote from noted psychiatrist, Gerald Mays:

     "We are all addicts in every sense of the word.  We have all experienced a desire for substances (like coffee, sugar, alchohol,  street drugs, prescription medications, food) or processes (like exercise, gambling, sex, work) or relationships (like parents, children, spouses, friends) and we feel we can't live without them.  We use them to alter our moods, lift our depression and free us to be more ourselves.  We medicate the emptiness, loneliness and pain in our lives through them.  We use them to find self-esteem, justify our lives, and validate what we do and even who we are.  They become functional idols - the real objects of our worship.  We end up powerless over our dependency to them.  To be human is to be addicted and to be addicted is to be in need of grace."